Meet Dr. Patrick Pedlar

M. Patrick Pedlar, BSc, DDS, MSD, FRCD(C)
Certified Prosthodontist

Dentistry appeals to me in many ways. Whether it is the challenging detail, the satisfaction of a happy patient or the highly esthetic blend of science, technology and materials with natural teeth – dentistry fascinates me. Dentistry in general and my specialty, prosthodontics in particular, fully satisfy my love of working with my hands to create “functional and therapeutic art.”

As a young dentist in post-graduate school and then in dental practice, my priority was to develop technical expertise through careful observation, study, and practice, and as a result I became fluent and adept in technical, material, restorative, and surgical areas of dentistry. The artistry of sculpting beautiful teeth and surgery has become second nature to me. To my (and my patients’) relief, I am able to surmount the technical hurdles in providing smiles that dazzle as well as stand the test of time. Day in and day out, I help my patients towards complete health and function of the mouth whether the problem is limited to a single tooth or is the expansive restoration of the entire dentition.

We also work as a team with various other specialists and general dentists to complement the care they provide by offering the expertise needed to overcome complex problems. I feel that one of the significant reasons for the success I have enjoyed as a restorative dentist and prosthodontist is approaching patients without a preconceived bias—being open to the possibility of providing the best possible solution. I try to bring fresh professional knowledge, a creative outlook, and strive for the ideal smile. This style of patient care has been rewarding in the form of numerous loyal patients and appreciation of my vision of high standards through countless referrals.

Beginning with my exemplary professionalism of my father Dr. Larry, I am part of a unique dental family. My wife Cindy studied dental assisting and hygiene while I was in dental school. She enjoys working with the team to help maintain the high quality patient care we have been providing for more than five decades. Our thoroughly professional team has been with us for several years and are like family, completing our vision of providing the highest quality service and dentistry. We all enjoy seeing interesting people and providing a variety of dental solutions.

Personally, we’re busy engaging our children Michael (2001) and Breanna (2003) in a few activities each. We pursue many sports to keep in shape but specially really enjoy snow skiing socially and competitively, spending time with our family and friends, remaining dedicated to our church, and availing any opportunity to read.

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