Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal treatment dental service at Dental Life Dental Care Centre Burlington

From your first visit with Dental Life’s Dental Hygienists, you’ll soon realize we do things differently. Our Hygiene team is proud of the level of care we provide our patients. We like to refer to ourselves as “Mouth Body Hygienists” as we focus not only on your teeth but on your overall health. Before making any treatment recommendations, we discuss your overall health and well-being, as this is the cornerstone to what might be influencing your oral, thus overall health.

Risk factors related to “gum disease” (a.k.a. periodontal disease) are determined in combination with pocket measurements, tooth supporting bone levels, oral cancer screenings and biting forces, to mention a few. We focus largely on coaching you toward a higher level of knowledge with respect to Dental Hygiene and your “Self care”. We want to empower you toward being the one in control of your health. We consider our time with you a partnership because we want to work with you to gain and maintain an excellent level of health.