Developed 30 years ago – lived by it ever since. We continue to provide dentistry that is simply the very best and if necessary will partner with a specialist to ensure this. We pride ourselves on delivering dental care centred on the following core values:

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    Integrity and Respect

    We maintain a high level of care based on emerging research and notify our patients when theories change.

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    Knowledge and Informed Choice

    We are accountable for our actions and take responsibility for the care we provide to you. We will provide you with the information you require to make the best decision for your health and respect your choice. We also expect you to take responsibility in caring for the treatment we provide you.

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    The team at Dental Life Dental Health Care Centre is committed to staying current in the ever-changing field of dentistry to best serve you. As a team of professionals we work together to meet your needs and will continue to update you on changes in the profession as our knowledge changes with research and new technologies. We also involve a team of dental specialists when needed to provide you with the optimal dental care. Another essential team member is YOU! You are an integral part of the planning process of your own oral health. By working closely with you our goal is to help you attain the oral health that is ideal for you. By doing so, you will optimize your oral care and your overall health.

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    We will disclose the results of our assessments and the costs associated with treatment for any condition you may have. We will advise you of the benefits of the recommended treatment as well as any risks associated with waiting on or not completing the treatment.

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    We have your best interest in mind at all times. We base our treatment plans on your needs, not on your insurance policy. However we do help you to understand what your insurance will help you with for any recommended treatment.

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    We do our best to understand your current situation. If you tell us where you are coming from, we can better work with you to get your mouth to health. Remember, you are our priority!