Dental cavity stages pre-cavity, early decay and deep decay

What Is A Cavity Exactly?

Dental cavity stages pre-cavity, early decay and deep decayTo put it simply, a cavity is the decay of a tooth. This decay creates a soft hole in the tooth and over time can weaken the tooth. If not treated by your dentist, other problematic dental issues can occur over time.

Cavities develop for many different reasons such as wear-and-tear over time, bacteria trapped in the crevasses, teeth form and shape, and fermentable carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sugar), acidic foods.

A dentist will specifically check for cavities during a regular visit but you may have discomfort prior to your appointment. It’s important to make an appointment if you’re experiencing any discomfort or sensitivities before the cavity worsens. A small cavity can often times be treated re-mineralization that attempts to repair the tooth decay. To treat a larger cavity, a dentist will repair the tooth to prevent further decay by implementing a filling.

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